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'Can You Stop The Cavalry' Cover Out Now!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hello friends,

We're thrilled to share our fifth Christmas cover song with you. Our little tradition continues in 2022 with this dark and dramatic re-imagining of Jona Lewie's classic 'Stop The Cavalry':

“I’m taken by my new appreciation for the narrative of the song after working with it! Actually, I’ve come to really like it – and it’s convenient how well it fits thematically with another piece we’re working on!” – Felix

We first began revamping Christmas tracks with 'Walking In The Air' in 2018. Now in the fifth year of this tradition, 'Can You Stop The Cavalry' was the most challenging Christmas cover song yet to tackle seeing two failed attempts at it which were djent and black metal respectively. The third attempt grew into the final version after going back to the drawing board and finding the trap sample.

We'd love to know what you think of this year's release!

Thanks so much for your continued support 🖤

Much love,

Fletch, Patrick, Holly, Tim & Felix x

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