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"We produce powerful cinematic metal music by breaking down genre boundaries"

Disconnected Souls is an eclectic musical ensemble who are trying carve out our own unique style. Our songs tell a range of stories and really show the diversity of humanity. We feel these will resonate with people and welcome the chance to share them far and wide!

On this website you will find a smörgåsbord of musical material, from original compositions to covers; most of which are available for purchase directly (we thank you for your support!). We will also be showcasing a lot of behind the scenes content and recommendations, as we're keen to build-up a real community. On that note, please do give us any feedback of what you'd like to see!


If you're still curious about the people behind the souls, then click the logo below to learn more!

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Making music is an expensive business, but we wouldn't be doing anything else!

If you enjoy our work, then please do support however you can. Our tracks are available to purchase via this website, Bandcamp and can be streamed on all your favourite platforms. Donations are also appreciated via our Kofi. If you can't support us financially then shares are also very gratefully received!

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Trinkets, Odds and Ends, That Sort Of Thing...

Yes that was a Skyrim reference.
All of these are made with our love and come with lots of our gratitude! <3

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